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About the Brains -Over- Booty Campaign

Did you know that by the time a girl turns 5, some of the worst stereotypes and beauty standards have been passed down to her?  Did you also know that some of these same stereotypes and standards may have an influence on her academic performance and career choice?

While it's an absurd idea to have to reassure girls and women that being intelligent is also BEAUTIFUL, we find ourselves doing just that!  Why? "Social signals" tell us that being pretty and attractive is the most important part about being women.  While physical appearance is important, society seems to place a higher priority on it.  Thus, girls/women are less likely to associate their own gender with brilliance.  As if!

The goal of the #BrainsOverBooty campaign is to feature role models, some in the most underrepresented groups, who provide inspiration that will encourage girls and women to invest just as much in their brain power as they do in their appearance!  While it does NOT exclude beauty and curves, this campaign does project the positivity in being SMART and boosts the confidence needed for us to sustain our families, businesses, and social responsibilities!

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